countdown to the BFDI/II meetup

    ★ about me ★

    namepronounswhere I am
    minty, mitnooshe/he/theyTN, USA

    i am tennis ball from BFDI's #1 fan

    🎉 birthday 🎉

      october 10

      ☁︎ interests ☁︎

      BFDI, II, other object shows
      art and animation
      nero's day at disneyland
      ☆crafts and sewing

      ❤ cool stuff!!! ❤

      cool me triviaa

      ☆ fav food is alfredo☆ ive mainly used toonsquid for animating since april 2023☆ the Mintyyy Cat channel was originally a spare; my old main has been deleted☆ i used to make animal jam content☆ self-taught, main inspirations are Polar Summit, Blackie Sootfur, and my friends!!☆fav color is orange☆ currently learning French

      sorry bru this is a wip